Quick Glance at the BizzGrizz Marketing Boot Camp

Is your business looking for more ways to attract prospects, gain more customers, and earn loyalty?  Have you lost the passion for your business?  Are you looking for a proven process to help your business stand out and be noticed in this noisy world?  

Created and led by BizzGrizz co-founder and CEO, Brent Kelly, the BizzGrizz Marketing Boot Camp was designed to give your business the tools and processes necessary to attract, sell, and retain more customers.  

Brent Kelly spent 15 years as an agent in the insurance industry.  In 2011, he realized that most traditional marketing and sales methods were no longer effective. Consumers had power, resources, and expected more than being "pitched" a product or service.  Brent started using new methods to attract, convert, and gain authority with digital tools with great success.  In 2012, he was named one of the top 12 young insurance agents in the country. 

In 2015, Brent co-founded BizzGrizz to share his passion and knowledge with other business owners. Any business can achieve postitive results if they implement the ideas and action steps in this boot camp.  

What is Included in the Boot Camp?

The BizzGrizz Marketing Boot Camp consists of 12 live online sessions hosted every Tuesday afternoon.  Each week, new concepts are disussed along with actionable worksheets, and resources.

Every module is recorded and each member will receive a link to access the replay video.  

There is also a live Q&A session at the end of each lesson for any member to ask questions and receive direct feedback and advice.  

How Much Does the Boot Camp Cost?

This boot camp was designed to allow ensure that it was affordable for any serious business owner looking to become more profitable and productive. 

The entire course costs less than ONE consulting session with Brent.  This pricing will never be offered again for his live courses. 

Boot Camp Basic--$330 or 4 installments of $95

NO RISK!  100% Money Back Guarantee! 

Boot Camp Module Descriptions

October 27th, Module 1: Discover your "Why" and Ignite Your Passion

This is the foundational lesson of the BizzGrizz Boot Camp.  You can watch the entire lesson for free above.

Most businesses understand what they do and why they do it, but very few can describe "why."  The module will leave you inspired and fired up to go make a difference.   Ignite your passion establish your mission, vision, and purpose.  

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November 3rd, Module 2: Goal Setting and Increasing Productivity

This module is focused on goal setting, success vitals, and developing a daily action plan. 

No marketing process can succeed if you don't have specific goals or time to accomplish them. If you are looking to dream big, avoid distractions, and create a daily game plan, this module is for you. 

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November 10th, Module 3: Defining Your Ideal Customer and Own Your Niche

Who is your best customer?  Have you defined them?  Do you know how to reach them?  Do you know their wants, needs, and frustration.  
Module 3 will show you the importance of defining your perfect customer and why you need to own your niche.  To attract your ideal customer, you must identify their demographics and psychographics to stand out. Otherwise, you will be forgotten.  
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November 17th, Module 4: How to Attract Interest and Develop Your Personal Brand

Why do most people hate cold calls?  Besides facing consistent rejection, they are extremely ineffective in today's world.  Never cold call again!

This module will provide you with connection strategies, attraction techniques, and introduce you to the power of lead magnets.  Establish creditibilty and build your persoanal and business brand. 

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November 24th, Module 5: Prospecting and Following-Up

Prospecting today is much more than simply dialing for dollars, placing an ad, or putting up a website.  

Prospecting today is about building relationships and following-up with value.  This module will teach you effective prospecting strategies including four specific areas your business can focus on to address your prospect's frusrations, wants, goals, and curiosity.  

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December 1st, Module 6: Educating, Nurturing, and Utilizing Content Marketing

Your prospect and customer's don't like to be sold, but they do love to buy.  This module will emphasize the difference between selling and teaching through the use of content marketing. 

You will learn how to develop and create content that provide value to your audience, including a step by step process of setting up your own blog. 

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December 8th, Module 7: Redefining Today's Sales Process

The old sales model of leads, prospects, and customers is dead.  The module will walk you through a more efficient and effective sales model for your business. 
You will learn how to become a dynamic communicator and  produce powerful copy on your website, blog, emails, and social media.  
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December 15th, Module 8: Close More Sales

At the end of the day, any marketing plan is about making more sales.  This module will walk you step by step through a contemporary sales process designed to close more sales. 

You will learn how and when to offer new products and services to your prospects and customers by combining inbound and outbound sales and marketing strategies.  

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December 22nd, Module 9: Earning Loyal Customers

After you make a sale is when the real relationship building begins.  You need to deliver a "WOW" experience from the start.  This module will provide ideas on how to delight your customers and confirm that they made the right purchase. 

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December 29th, Module 10: Increase the Lifetime Value of Each Customer

Too many businesses focus on sales transactions and revenue vs. building relationships and profit.  There is a huge difference.  
This module will teach your business how to value profit over sales by maximizing the value of every customer.  You will learn new ways to cross-sell, up-sell, and add new products or services that your customers will thank you for.  
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January 5th, Module 11: Creating Systematic Referral Systems

Why do so many businesses struggle with gaining referrals?  There can be many reasons, but one of the common issues is simply creating a system that encourages referrals.  

This module will provide speicific ways to set up proven referral systems for your business.   

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